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Threnody, 2022

I'm excited to announce I will be joining the team at Threnody Collective as an Outside Eye. 

Threnody is an original theatrical performance that hopes to understand, dissect and undercut our society’s relationship to individual grief, collective grief, and the ways in which we can inspire and support one another through hard times.

Threnody was created by collective members Kate Aarness, Dre'Land Goar, Sasha Kostyrko, Brooke Schilling and Nina Sharp. 

​This fall, the Collective will revisit and reproduce the production at Christ Church Neighborhood house as a part of the 2022 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. We are excited to dive back into this expansive topic in order to offer our audiences a space to heal together. 

Produced as part of the 2022 Fringe Fest

Threnody Promotional.jpg

Photo by Sarah Gardner

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